Derik's Basic Webpage

This site is my first fully original webpage created.
Here you will find information regarding what I would like to create as a final project in ISLT_4360 for Fall 2017.

Muddy Farm Entrance

© Muddy Entrance by Derik Keith-2015

Farmsite Operation Page

My first choice is to create an interactive page that can be used for use on a farm/ranch. This would include information that employees can find useful, as well as a general statement about the company and it's objectives.

Site Requirements

A interactive website would allow workers to easily access information (such as previous yield info), as well as the Calendar dates for work schedules. Past yields, and field notes could be added to the field information page, and equations for rates would be readily avaliable. Allowing for access to this information by current workers would allow for better employee participation and understanding of the company's viability.

According to Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, a contributor for FORBES:

Beyond salary, psychological and social fulfillment can determine which employees are motivated to stay, perform, and contribute to organization success.

Local Ag Trading Site

My second choice is to create a page that can be used for local Ag-related advertisement. This will include items for sale, as well as services offered.

Potential Information

Creating a website for local Ag-Topics isn't necessarily a "new" idea, however it is something that could be used specifically for local use and might get local farmers to communicate better. With discussion boards, help wanted, and Equipment for Sale, farmers/ranchers could more effectively run their business.

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