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      The point of this website will be for Farmers and employees to effectively complete assigned jobs. Specifically, the site will contain information that will assist employees in their daily tasks. With internet access, employees can access information vital to the successful completion of their daily duties. The site will also offer information for any general personnel to use. With proper training, personnel will have the tools to find and document any activity needed for the day and/or tasks.


      The intended audience for this site will be any personnel that could benefit from easily accessible information regarding farm site operations at a company. With the growth of technology in the workplace, it is easier than ever to keep employees connected and well informed. Not only will employees have the ability to retrieve any information regarding a task, but they can also leave any important feedback on those tasks (thus letting your employees have a better system for documenting work done). This will be done quickly and with minimal computer training. So long as the employee understands basic computer skills (such as typing, and logging on), they will be able to open and post information regarding their work. Some simple technology must be available for this to effectively work; computer, internet, and potentially log-in information specific to the employee.

Site Requirements:

      After interviewing 5 people that fit the target audience, I found that the site would need to be inclusive and useful. The people I interviewed expressed the need for field information, pictures, and the ability for them to communicate through the site. From the people interviewed, it did not appear that the use of the technology would be an issue.

Interviewing information:

What are some options you would like to see in a "Farming Operation" website? What, if anything, do you specifically not want to see on the website? What kind of pictures would work best for the user on this site? What is the best way to search for the needed information? (Search bars, nav tabs, etc..) Why would you want or need to use a site like the one purposed?

Example Reference Websites:

I found some great examples of websites that use the color's I would like, and deal with different agricultural fields. The following are superb examples:


      Taking into consideration the responses of the interview questions, the website will have the following content areas:

Presentation of Information:

      The website will be user friendly with a navigational bar at the top of each page:

      The content of the proposed pages follows:


      There are multiple media's that will be implemented on this site:

      The banner logo will be a panoramic photo from my family farm. Other field images will also be from the family farm, with the aerial images being from google maps. With the logo appearing at the top of each page, other pictures will only be shown when needed. This will be mostly on Field Data but could also be in Notes for things such as tractor parts or any useful pictures. All photo's will be optimized for use in all browsers, and then each photo will have a credit/citation. I will include a copyright statement, however I would be very lenient on anyone wishing to use the photo's.

Color Scheme and Rationale:

      Being as this page will be centered for use on a farmsite, the color scheme will consist of green, red, and dark brown colors. I have not fully decided what color to use as the background, as the screen's of the computers will most likely be used in a higher-light-intensity area (outside). What should work best is a light background with dark color writing. Something such as a light green background with the dark brown writing would stand out. Potentially red navigational tabs with white writing would help to stand out as well.


Outline of Web Site Organization:

      You can view the general layout at Wireframe(.pdf). If you are unable to view the PDF, please feel free to contact the site owner (Derik) for an emailed .docx file. Unfortunately, NEOCITIES does NOT allow for .docx file uploads.

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